Agile Delivery

Cat (Daisy) demonstrating agility

Delivering projects in an agile way is not easy. Aside from anything else, there is a lot of confusion about what ‘agile’ means. To many management teams, ‘agile’ is something that developers do.

Developers can be agile, but in a company that is not agile, the benefits are marginal at best.

There are many approaches to agile and different methodologies to choose from. Scrum is a commonly used methodology, but opponents say that Scrum is a means to convince non-agile businesses that they are agile.

Metaphorically, Scrum can be a set of stabilisers on the agile bike. It can help you get started whilst you gain confidence to forge your own path.

Being agile is about basing decision making and effort on generating business value. If you have a process that you follow, simply because that is what your company does, but it doesn’t contribute to generating business value, an agile approach would say change it. If it generates business value, keep it, if not, remove it. Maximise productivity by removing things that do not help.

Agile affects all levels of a business and, for the benefits to be realised, the whole business must embrace the way of working.

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