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Beginning Scala

I thought it might be interesting to document my journey from complete Scala beginner to contributing to a real Scala project (hopefully).

I will split this journey over a number of posts and hopefully it will end up in a good place.


A tale of planning and pitstops

Why do we need to plan? Why can’t we just get on with doing?

The Mercedes Formula 1 team gave us an extreme example of the impact of planning on pitstops at yesterday’s race in Germany.


Archiving 500k records (500GB) in one flat folder

I recently had to archive an old website which contain around 500k user uploaded files, totalling around 500GB. Due to the design of the application, the files were all in one folder with no subfolders.

I had assumed I would just take a backup, stick it on an external drive and provide it to the archiver.

Oh ye of little learning.