How to share contacts between Current RMS and Pipedrive

Current RMS is a great Rental Management System (RMS) providing all the tools needed to run a product rental business, including inventory management, invoicing, reporting and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It also has an awesome API for building integrations with other systems.

Current RMS screenshot

Whilst it is a one-stop shop for rental management, features such as the CRM don’t provide the breadth of functional as dedicated systems. Eventually, you may find yourself wanting to use a separate CRM such as Pipedrive.

Pipedrive provides a more sophisticated funnel workflow for tracking prospects from inception to successful bidding.

Pipedrive screenshot

Using multiple systems risks creating data silos. Tackling this problem can lead to custom integration work, which can be expensive to build and maintain.

Fortunately, both Pipedrive and Current RMS are well served by 3rd party integrators.

PieSync screenshot

PieSync integrates with many systems to facilitate 2-way contact syncing. It supports the likes of Google Contacts, Mailchimp, Cin7, Outlook 365 and Xero.

It also supports Pipedrive and Current RMS, meaning that you can extend your CRM capabilities from Current RMS to Pipedrive, knowing that contacts will sync easily.

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