Seeing the big picture

Image of Dubai from the Burj Khalifa

26 Brains is a response to seeing a significant level of failure on technology projects. Whether it is the UK’s NHS IT programme or a small business website, there are too many examples where something that should have made a positive difference ended up doing the opposite.

The reasons are varied and, in my experience, seldom involve the quality of an individual’s code. Most of the failings I have observed can be linked back to poor communications and/or a mismatch of expectations.

Sometimes a client might have unrealistic expectations and a supplier might be unwilling to rock the boat and deal with that situation – this rarely ends well for either party. Sometimes a client wants X, but the supplier wants to sell Y – a sure fire way to end a project with disappointment. Sometimes project go in unexpected directions – sometimes good, sometimes bad – but either way, you need to take stakeholders on that journey. I am yet to find a situation where clarity and honesty have not gain the support of clients and stakeholders.

Even in times of failure, honesty, and a coherent plan of action will beat covering something up.

With 26 Brains, I want to promote best practice software development and IT implementation. I want to show that expectations can be met and even exceeded with the right planning and communication and when the vision is shared across all parties – whether the interest is financial, technical, administrative, user-based or design-based.